Sunday, July 22, 2007

What is Podcasting?

According to Wikipedia, a Podcast is a digital media file located at a specific web feed address. It is a type of webcast. People can subscribe to this address and each time new files are available in the podcast, they will download automatically to that person's computer. The material on a podcast is pre-recorded so that people can view it on their own time. A podcaster's website can also contain content that can be downloaded or streamed. A unique feature of a podcaster's website is that it has the ability to be subscribed to and it will automatically send the information to the user's computer.

While searching for information on podcasting, I came across a podcasting news site where one can find podcasting directories; including, topical podcast directories (topics range from church to real estate), video podcasting directories, RSS directories, as well as various international podcasting directories.

This will be my first year in Howard County where Mac computers are the norm. Through my research, I have discovered a program on the Mac under iLife Applications called GarageBand where students and teachers can record, produce and publish their own podcasts! I am excited to use this feature on my Mac and publish my podcast on the Internet using iWeb.

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