Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Classroom 2.0: A Social Networking Site for Educators

During my research, I discovered a social networking site for educators who are interested in incorporating Web 2.0 technologies into their classrooms. The site is called Classroom 2.0 (http://classroom20.ning.com/). I created an account so that I can use this site to learn more about Web 2.0 technologies for the K-12 classroom teacher. There are forums, blogs, links to Web 2.0 tools, and Groups. Like most social networking sites, you can invite friends to join the network, upload pictures and edit your profile.

In the short time that I have navigated this site, I found useful links to resources for the K-12 classroom teachers. For example, http://www.kn.att.com/wired/fil/pages/listweb20s.html, is a site that links to several Internet resources that offer information on how to incorporate various Web 2.0 products into the classroom.

On of my favorites, is a site created by a man named Brian Benzinger who has compiled and grouped Web 2.0 products that teachers and students can use. Most of the products that he describes are free. On his site you will find Web 2.0 organizers for students (calendars, schedules, grade trackers, etc.) In addition, there are grade books for teachers, note taking products, resume builders, group organizers (clubs, etc.), mathematics teaching tools, learning and research products, media sharing (examples include: Google Video and YouTube) and much more. I find this to be an exceptional resource, especially since I have the desire to continue to use many of these technologies in my classroom.



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I can even upload papers from previous classes to use as examples in the future.

aeiou260199038 said...

I can even upload papers from batterie
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previous classes to use as examples in the future.